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What Do Our Clients Think?

"I would recommend Mr. White, and his team over and over again. From the beginning, they were extremely knowledgeable and courteous. I have worked with other attorneys in the past, who treat you as if they are superior. They fail to acknowledge they are employed by you, and your fees pay for their services. Mr. White and his team are VERY professional and kind. From the moment I spoke to them I felt comfortable, and confident in my case. Mr. White carried himself very well in court, and I was proud to have him as my counsel. The information his team and him were able to obtain is impressive. I did minimal work, with maximum results. I was amazed and surprised at how thorough their work was, and impressed with how they submitted the information to the court.
I would recommend Mr. White and his team over and over again. I cannot say enough good things about their office and work."          - Mesha

"I hired Matthew White to take care of a minor traffic ticket for me. I work in an accounting office and the court date was set for the first week of April, so I had no time to deal with anything but taxes. Matthew and his firm were excellent in taking on my case and handling everything. I didn't have to go to court and he got my fine reduced drastically. Most importantly, I knew that I could trust him to take care of my legal matters with minimal involvement on my part. I am so glad I hired Mr. White and I will definitely use him in the future."          - Client



"I had the displeasure of meeting Bill White a couple of years ago. Displeasure not for him but for the circumstances that lead to our meeting. I had a driving situation that needed attending to. He was GREAT!  Expensive, but worth it. TRUST ME!  You will be satisfied with his service and Jessica, his right hand, is awesome!"        Joe



"Mr. White handled my ticket in a very fast and professional manner. I am somewhat unfamiliar with the process that goes into contesting a ticket so he explained the steps and timeline for the process in clear terms. He was able to get my ticket dropped and all I had to do was send him a copy of my ticket, I didn't even have to show up in court. I was very pleased with the service, I would definitely recommend Matthew."          - Kurt

"Any time I had an issue Bill and his staff was on the ball, they took care of my family and I and we didn't have to worry about it! Great job, professional and reliable, I would recommend him again and again!"     - Gerry

"Mr. White handled these cases with the best results, dismissed. I highly recommend this law firm. Thank you Mr. White."     - Lee

"I received a traffic citation several months ago. My first call was the right one. Immediately, Matthew White took control of my case and contested the infraction. The only requirement of me was to provide a copy of my ticket. Matthew did the rest! Without setting my foot in a courtroom, Matthew called and confirmed that my case was dismissed and I was convinced that my choice of representation was the correct one. I would highly recommend Matthew White to anyone with a similar situation. He was prompt, courteous, efficient and most importantly victorious."                   - Randy

"We used William White for a couple of cases in Pierce County. I hired him while my husband was in jail in another county and Mr. White drove out there to see him. He was understanding and helpful with me and courteous and thorough with my husband. I have recommended him to other friends over the years. I am glad to say our issues were resolved satisfactorily."         - Client

"Bill White and his office are extremely professional and highly reliable. Easy communication and very hard working. His office was very easy to work with. In the future, if I need any assistance related to the type of cases Bill works with, there is no doubt that he is my attorney for that matter."          - David

"When I got in trouble I was young and scared. I was not legal yet and my parents made me figure out what I was going to do all on my own. After shopping around for many weeks in the Tacoma area, meeting with 12-15 different lawyers. Bill from the jump stood out to me. First off, he let me come in for my consultation after I got off work which was at 7 and those are not business hours. Then he was so non-judgmental and caring and so knowledgeable. He let me cry and cry and promised me I was in good hands. When Bill told me his rate for a DUI charge i knew I couldn't afford it and I was extremely bummed. For the next 3 weeks Bill would call to see how I was, see how school was going. He cared about me so much and wanted to work with me. Finally after a few weeks he asked me how much I could afford on a lawyer. I was honest with him and told him I couldn't afford the rate he was asking. (Its not extreme, i was just working part time in fast food) He came down and we agreed upon a rate that worked for the both of us. Before every court date he told me everything that the judge was going to say and what I needed to say. He was proud to present me. He spoke very highly of me to the judge. Bill really is on our side and he loves his clients. He will go the extra mile to make sure that you are comfortable. His kids are also lawyers and work for him sometimes. They are also AMAZING. I felt just as comfortable in court when his son represented me then when Bill did. He taught his kids well. Bill is just all around the best lawyer. He is Professional, knowledgeable, caring, understanding, experienced. And the people that work in his office are amazing too. I will always and forever go to and recommend Bill to everyone"          Client

Matt over at Law offices of William White is batting 1000 right now on like 5 or 6 tickets this year.  This guy is amazing and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing an attorney with anything to do traffic.  Thanks Matt!          - Justin

"The law office of William A. White is professional, helpful, and quick. They provide excellent and high quality service and ware always extremely respectful and kind along the way."          - Hailey