Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime is an emotionally charged event. It can be scary, nerve-racking, embarrassing, anxious, and frustrating, just to name a few emotions. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, or a felony, we take great pride in representing all of our clients to the maximum of our ability.


A criminal charge can put you at risk for jail time (or prison time), large fines, probation, and host of other additional requirements (at a cost to you) like classes and/or evaluations for mental health, alcohol or drug abuse, anger management or domestic violence. In addition, depending on the type of charge you are facing, you could face license suspensions or revocations, immigration consequences, your ability to receive certain types of federal programs, like student loans, could be negatively impacted, as well as the loss of other important constitutional rights, like your right to possess a firearm or your right to vote, could be lost.


Whatever you're facing, we have the team of highly qualified attorneys to get you through this difficult time. We strive to not only provide excellent representation but also to provide you with peace of mind by creating the necessary trust that you know we're doing everything we can for you.


We also believe that it is our duty to help guide you through the entire process, like where to get an evaluation, how to get your license reinstated, etc. A criminal charge is scary and can be complicated; it's our job to provide direction and calm. If you meet with an attorney and they aren't willing to spend the time with you and explain the process before you've given them any money, how do you think they will behave once you've give them what they really want, money?


Below we've listed some of the most common types of crimes we handle. However, just because it's not listed does not mean we don't handle those cases. Still have questions? Give us a call and speak with a member of our legal team or better yet, call or e-mail to set up an appointment to meet face to face.


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Minor in Possession

Assault Crimes


Theft, Robbery, and Stolen Property

Malicious Mischief

Domestic Violence

This is not a complete list of criminal defense charges we represent people on. If you are unsure whether we can help, please call or email us.


If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a criminal offense, give us a call at 253-383-3328 or email us at to speak with a qualified member of our staff. You can also set up an appointment to meet face to face. 


If you are calling for a friend of family member who is currently in jail, contact us immediately so that we can schedule a time to go visit them.