Being arrested for a DUI is both scary and overwhelming. Our firm has been defending people arrested and charged with DUI for over 35 years. We believe that part of our job, as an attorney knowledgeable about this area of law, is to provide as much information as we can to you, so that you can make the best decision for you. Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions our clients have had over the years.


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First Offense DUI

Often, a DUI charge is the first and only interaction people will have as a defendant in our criminal justice system.

It can be an overwhelming experience and not something to take lightly. You need an attorney that will not only fight hard for you but one that can guide you through the whole process. We pride ourselves on taking the stress from our clients so they can get back to their lives.

License Consequences

A DUI charge has both criminal and civil license consequences that could cause your license to be suspended or revoked. You have a short time to respond to the civil license sanctions by the Dept. of Licensing. You need to act fast or lose your chance to fight!

Prior DUI within 7 years

If you have a prior conviction for DUI, or a prior DUI charge that was reduced, you will be facing severe mandatory minimum jail time and increased fines on your current DUI charge. Hiring an attorney that is experienced in handling cases with prior DUI offenses is critical to give you the best opportunity to avoid lengthy jail time. 

Marijuana/Drug DUI

With the increased use of prescription drugs and both recreational and medical marijuana, there has been a steady increase in drug DUI arrests and charges.  Defending these types of DUIs is different from the common alcohol DUI. The evidence the government will attempt to use against you is subject to different attacks and arguments.  Having an attorney that knows how to handle this type of DUI is critical to the outcome of the case. Make sure any attorney you speak with knows what they are talking about.

Felony DUI

There are a number of ways in which a person can be charged with a Felony DUI and all of them should be taken extremely seriously. A felony charge puts you at risk of much longer prison sentences, higher fines, and greater loss of rights.  Felony DUI cases often involve multiple prior DUI charges or serious injury to another. Either way, it is an absolute necessity to hire an attorney experienced in handling felony DUI charges. Don't risk your freedom!

Minor DUI

A minor arrested for a DUI charge can be facing either a "Minor DUI" or a regular DUI depending on the amount of alcohol, marijuana, or drugs in their system. A conviction for any alcohol or drug offenses as a minor can have serious long term consequences for a young persons life. It can impact future employment, education, and insurance rates.  Due to the serious nature of these types of offenses and the age of the minor, judges and prosecutors are always cautious in the manner in which they deal with these cases. It's important to hire an experienced attorney familiar with Minor DUIs.

Common Terms

As if this whole process couldn't be more confusing, you'll likely hear a number of words and acronyms being thrown around by the attorneys, the prosecutors, and the judges. You may have no idea what these terms and phrases mean. We've tried to provide you with an explanation of some of the common terms and short-hand you'll hear through this process.

Additional DUI Resources

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